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The Raven

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The Raven
Quilter: Deanna Jameson
Size: 19 x 30.5 inches (Wall Size)
Description: The inspiration for this quilt was Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven". I had a piece of black fabric with a watermark pattern that reflected a raven's iridescent look and while thinking about various quilt designs, Poe's poem came to mind. After reading the poem again and looking at some old drawings, the following design evolved. After knocking at the door and not gaining entrance, the raven flew in through an open window and perched on the statue over the door. The raven spoke to Poe, saying "Nevermore"as Poe's departed love, Lenore, slips away to her grave where another raven stands guard. Much of the fabric is dark in color reflecting the tone of the poem so would benefit from a little spotlight to pick up the details of the three ravens in the quilt. The quilt includes a hanging sleeve for ease in displaying.
Technique: Machine Pieced. Machine Appliqued. Machine Quilted.
Fabrics: 100% cotton with some polyester used for accent pieces.
Batting: Polyester
Care: This quilt should not be washed or dry cleaned. A soft dusting device should be used.
Price: $ 250.00 US + Shipping & Insurance
Sells only to U.S. or Canada

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