#909 Jerrie Yoakam

Quilts symbolize a combination of art, love, skill and patience. I have been a quilt lover since I was a young girl. My mother made many wall hangings and two beautiful, appliqued quilts that I now have on the beds in my home. While I admire this artful skill, I must admit that I do not sew at all. Recently, I purchased a number of quilts from our Amish neighbors of Waterford, Ohio. As I get ready to retire from 25 years of teaching, I have been looking for a venue to sell these new quilts. After exploring this site, I was convinced that it was the perfect venue for displaying this beautiful, hand-quilted collection. It provides the opportunity for others to admire and purchase the creations I bought from the wonderful ladies in my neighboring Amish community.



The quilt, Stars and Crossroads, arrived safely, and of course its beautiful. Thank you. – Walt McNeill, Redding, California