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About Quilts for Sale*

The first spark of inspiration for Quilts for Sale actually had its origins years ago when Maria was in first grade. Her teacher read stories of the pioneers which told about the women who made quilts from their fabric scraps. She was intrigued, her imagination was kindled, and a lifelong interest and love of quilts was born. Eventually, she became the first and only quilter in her family.

At 13 years of age, Maria started working part time after school and on weekends as a cashier at the local supermarket. Each week she'd buy a copy of either Woman's Day Magazine or Family Circle Magazine and bring it home to her mother. (Can you believe that they only cost 5¢ each at the time? It's true!) Maria was particularly interested in the articles and pictures of quilts. Most often, the ones depicted were Baltimore Album quilts. Maria had learned to sew at the age of eleven in seventh grade and developed the incorrect thought that that these lovely quilts would always be far beyond her abilities and expertise.

However, WNED TV, a PBS station from Buffalo, New York, begain airing quilting series starting with "Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel". Maria excitedly watched each segment and was thrilled to discover that she, too, could actually learn to quilt! The only fabrics she had on hand were leftover pieces from sewing clothes for herself and her children and from making household items such as pillows, curtains, draperies, etc. Anxious to start immediately, she used those to make every block in the book and was thrilled and delighted with her new skill. She has been quilting continually ever since.

Evergreen Water Color
Water Colour

Fast forward to the year 2000 when Maria found it challenging to choose a gift for her husband Michael's birthday. She finally came up with the idea of taking one of his water colours and reproducing it in needlepoint. The painting and the needlepoint now hang side by side on a wall. While looking through all of his art work to choose a painting, she suddenly realized that much of his work could become the basis of new quilt patterns, some just as they were and others with some slight changes. The idea for Maria Michaels Designs was born.

To create Maria Michaels Designs, Maria first had to learn to develop websites, which she did with the aid of several library books. Her website, Maria Michaels Designs, was ready and online in January of 2002. She went on to design websites for others, but has now retired from that endeavour.

Fast forward once more to 2005. Maria thought about all of the wonderfully talented quilters spread across Canada and the United States and the need for a place where quilt lovers and quilters could come together, the quilters to sell and the quilt lovers to delight in viewing over 1,000 quilts and choosing the ones that warm their hearts. Quilts for Sale was born.

Evergreen in Cross Stitch
Evergreen in Cross Stitch
The designers hold all copyrights to their work.
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