Cynthia Marques

Cynthia has always wanted to sew and finally, at the age of 12, she convinced her mother to let her use their sewing machine. Quilting always looked way too complex to her. Her sister, who had never sewn, took it up and Cynthia figured that if her sister could, so could she. She was given a crash course and both sisters have been quilting happily ever after for about 17 years. Cynthia’s favorite technique is scrap piecing. The way colors interact always surprises her. She loves the constraints of traditional quilt blocks with contemporary color schemes. Like most quilters, she suspects, Cynthia is constantly designing, refining and playing with ideas in her head. If she doesn’t seem to be paying close attention to the current conversation or tv show, it’s because her brain is busy re-arranging coloured squares.

Cynthia accepts commissions.