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Handmade or Mass Produced?

This was shared by a site visitor. It explains the difference between the inexpensive, mass-produced quilts that can be bought and those that are lovingly handcrafted by experienced quilters:

“My Mother, an experienced Quilter, bought a queen size Quilt for $60, wondering how it was possible to sell them so cheaply. She was greatly disappointed to find that the threads were loose, the patches didn't line up, and the quilting varied from large to small stitches and surfacing knots. She took the whole thing apart. Some fabric patches had to be replaced with stronger fabric. She would have made another of her own, had she realized the lack of quality in these quilts.”

“I've quilted since I was 13. My sister recently bought a queen size quilt on sale for $40. She washed it and brought it to me in a desperate need to make her quilt presentable on her bed. The stitches were coming out and it looked very puckered. To begin with it didn't look like too much work to fix it, but as I started to take the threads out, I discovered other problems. I would have been better off making her a new one. My husband saw the work going into fixing this quilt and let's just say that was the last cheap quilt being fixed by his wife's talented hands and better spent time elsewhere.” - R.P., U.S.

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