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Seller's Frequently Asked Questions
Selling a Quilt is Easy!
Simply contact us to make the arrangements.
Why Join Quilts for Sale?
  • Joining Quilts for Sale is as risk-free and easy as possible.
  • It is inexpensive to join. - The first $10 covers one quilt insertion, all of the web pages needed, and a web page address (URL) to use in email signatures and business cards.
    The fees for subsequent quilt insertions are $10 for quilts selling for $50 and up, and $5 for quilts selling for $49 or less.
  • The commission fee, when a quilt sells, is 20% of the sales price per quilt, calculated before adding mailing costs, insurance, and any applicable taxes.
  • There are no expiry dates. Quilts can be left up for as long as the quilter wishes with no added fees until a quilt sells.
  • If a quilt does not happen to sell, there are no further or additional fees.
  • Quilts for Sale provides the venue. Sales are between the Quilter and the buyer.
  • Quilters are added to a private mailing list. This keeps quilters informed and up to date on Quilts for Sale news and happenings. Quilters are also added to our Blog for the same reason. Both are requirements for being a part of Quilts for Sale and joining constitutes your automatic permission for both.
  • Quilts for Sale.ca either comes up first in most major web searches or elsewhere on the first page..
  • Quilts for Sale advertises its quilts and quilters on Facebook, Twitter, its Blog, Pinterest, YouTube, and in The Quilt Pattern Magazine.
  • Personal attention to your needs and concerns are provided via email and/or phone. Call us at
    905-279-8394 Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST/EDT. Email messages are usually responded to within 24 to 48 hours.

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How Do I Join Quilts for Sale?
  • Read the Agreement Form. Be sure that you understand it, agree to it all, and are willing to comply with it.
  • Among other things, the Agreement Form lists everything for which Quilts for Sale is responsible and everything for which Quilters/Sellers are responsible.
  • To join Quilts for Sale, print the Agreement Form, sign and date it in all the places indicated. Scan it and email it to info-qfs@bell.net . If you do not have a scanner, ask a family member or friend who has one to help you.
  • If you have any questions and would prefer a phone call, send a request via email. Include your phone number along with some convenient dates and times, and your time zone. We will call you. If you prefer, you can call us.
  • Send in your insertion fee(s). You have 3 options: a check, an international money order, or PayPal (which also accepts credit cards).

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What Are the Listing/Insertion Fees?

$10 U.S. (or CAD for Canadians) for the first quilt item listed (includes setup for web pages).
$10 U.S. (or CAD for Canadians) for each additional item listed at a sale price of $50 or more.
$5 U.S. (or CAD for Canadians) for each additional item item listed at a sale price of $49 or less.

Canadians and Americans each pay in their own currency. Canadians need not add tax as we are exempt from collecting GST, PST, and/or HST at this time.

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What is Quilts for Sale's Commission?

Once a quilt sells, there is a low commission fee of 20% of the sale price of the quilt, calculated before adding mailing costs, insurance, and any applicable taxes.

There are only 2 fees: Insertion Fees and Commissions, but Commissions only apply when an item sells.

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How Do I Begin Selling?
First, read, sign, and mail the Agreement Form. Then:
  • sellers are to add 5 photos of each quilt - the entire quilt on a wall or bed, 3 close-ups of different areas of the quilt top, and a close-up detail of the back. In the case of a reversible quilt, a photo of the entire reverse side is necessary. Quilts that are too large to hang, can be taken on a bed or sofa.
  • Photos are sent via email.
  • email a photo of yourself, as well.
  • Only photos from digital cameras are accepted. If you do not have a digital camera, ask a family member or friend who owns one to help you.
  • There is a Refund Policy offered for all quilts sold on Quilts for Sale. Be sure to read it.
  • Once Agreement Forms have been received, quilters will be sent information on how enter themselves and their quilts into our database along with all the other necessary information.

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How Quickly Will My Quilts and I Appear On Quilts for Sale?

Often, it will only take 1 to 2 business days. However, it can take a week or two, depending upon the number of new quilters joining in and/or the number of new quilts being added at any given time. Quilts are added on a first-come, first-served basis.

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More Frequently- Asked Questions

Q: What if I receive two orders for one item?

A: This rarely happens, but we add a "Sale Pending" to quilts in the process of being sold. However, if more than one purchase request is received, the sale goes to the first customer to request and pay for the purchase. Sellers should keep all inquiries. If the first sale fails, a quilt can be offered to the next in line. Once a quilt has been sold, the Seller must inform Quilts for Sale immediately and inform everyone who made inquiries about it. They can be encouraged to look over the Seller's other quilts or, the Seller may wish to arrange to make a similar quilt for the client.

Q: What about taxes, State, Federal, Provincial, etc.?

A: Sellers are responsible for any applicable taxes as designated by their State or Province/Territory and finding out if they pertain to their situations (registered business or hobby business).

Q: What about textile label requirements?

A: Quilters are responsible for looking into the requirements required for their areas, if needed.

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Further Questions?

Email them to us.

If you experience problems with your mail server, copy and paste the following:


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